You will always matter

OUR APPROACH – You will ALWAYS matter

From day one, unlike with larger companies, you will have your own highly respected agent at your disposal. 100% accessible and dedicated to helping you reach your dreams and potential. You will always matter with Divent. Our goal is to foster trust and build a player-to-agent relationshipt that is transparent and committed to meeting the needs of our individual clients.


Our very selective strategy allows us to identify the character of the player and person we are advising and ensure our clients get our full attention. With our relationship-first, family-style company, you`ll never have to worry that we always have our clients best interest in mind. We value honesty, integrity and loyalty.


Divent is affiliatied with ProPulsion in Canada, making sure we have the best coverage on both sides of the hockey world. ProPulsion has the same core values as us and work the same way with their clients as we do with ours.


Personal Experience and knowledge are the keys to successful contract negotiatons. Our agents have negotiated hundreds of professional contracts from a players point of view, but also as a Sportsmanager, from a teams point of view. We know both sides of the negotiatons table. We deliver for our clients, with honesty, intergrity and the highest level of service. We are committed to helping our clients achieve the maximum from their professional hockey playing carreers.


Our global network allows us to cover literally every international market, allowing our clients a variety of placement options that would suit their development and career.

Minnesota based hockey agent

John Evans

«Patrick has been a true professional in all my dealings with him. He pays great attention to detail and is fair and honest in negotiations. Patrick knows hockey and does his homework. Any team would be fortunate to have him on their staff.»

John Evans

Former Professional Hockeyplayer

Sean McMonagle

«Patrick was a dream to work with. He was responsible for bringing my family and I into a brand new environment and making us feel immediately at home. Patrick understands the game and is a proven winner. He was the architect of our championship winning team in Frisk Asker and I'm forever grateful for the opportunity he gave me»

Sean McMonagle